4 Essential Questions to Avoid Costly Mistakes

A basic timber decking plan that comes from the most basic decking designs is bound to cost you a substantial amount. So how can you ensure you'll be able to start your timber decking venture up and running in the proper direction?

You can also hire the services of a timber deck for your garden.

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1. What's the size as well as the shape and size of your home and your garden?

If you own an expansive, spacious house there are many options, but even having a tiny house and a tiny garden, you are still able to do it. For instance, if your yard is small, why not just do the whole thing and make decking cover the entire area. 

2. What time of the day are you planning to use your decking from timber?

How do you structure your day? Take note of the movement of the sun through the day, and note the areas where shade is present and when it is. Plan and build your timber deck to achieve what you want and exactly where you'd like it to be.

3. What can you make use of the deck made of timber?

Do your decking ideas include mostly entertaining guests? A romantic retreat or taking a relaxing time in a lounge, away from the snarky neighbors maybe? Perhaps it's going to serve as a kid's place for friends to gather and playdates? 

There's no reason to think that your decking plans can't take advantage of all these possibilities but you must know about them prior to you begin.