All about A Hidden Threat Flat Feet

Flat feet (also known as Pes planus or fallen arches) is a condition that causes the sole of the foot to touch the ground when standing. This is an uncommon condition that does not cause pain. It can lead to foot problems later on in life. 

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All About Flat Feet - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Options and Exercises

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Flat feet are usually a mild condition. It can be caused by an injury in childhood or the wear and tear from age-related stressors. The condition can lead to problems in the knees or ankles if it is not treated.

Possible causes of flat feet in adults

Flat feet can be caused by many factors. The cause of flat feet may differ from person to person. Adults are more likely to experience flat feet due to excessive stress on their feet. This problem can be caused by inability to treat an injury such as an ankle sprain without proper treatment.


* Muscles weaken in the foot, ankle and lower leg due to weight gain.

* People stand or walk for long periods of time, especially in high heels or dress shoes.

* People wear unsupportive footwear that is not appropriate for their arch.

* Foot injuries can occur such as a broken foot bone, ankle sprains, or even broken toes

Flat feet can also be caused by:

* A weak arch that is unable to support body weight and then becomes flat.

* Severe injury to the feet

* Degenerative diseases such as arthritis

* Tibialis posterior: ruptured tendon

* Pregnancy

* Muscles and nervous system diseases such as muscular dystrophy, spina bifurca, or cerebral palsy

* Tarsal Coalition, where the bones of both feet join to form stiffness and fallen arches.

* Diabetes

* Age