All About Finding The Right Hospital Bed Rental

If you care for your loved ones living at home, you might require a hospital bed. Here are the essentials of renting hospital beds.

The advantage of the medical bed is that it is adjustable to permit those with limited mobility to be more comfortable getting in or out. The features that can be adjusted include lifting and lowering of the foot and head of the bed, as well as altering the bed's elevation. You can also know more about the affordable hospital bed rental by searching online.

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These are the most common kinds of hospital beds:

  • Manual. Manual hospital beds are the most affordable kind of bed. It is adjusted using the hand crank and requires some physical strength to be able to adjust.

  • Semi-electric. Semi-electric hospital beds use electronic controls that allow you to adjust certain elements as well as manual cranks to adjust other parts.

  • Electric. A fully electric hospital bed includes all electronic controls.

Hospital beds are available for rent by medical supply companies. They typically cost between $200 and $500 per month to lease. There are several ways to pay rent such as:

  • Insurance. The majority of private insurance policies include hospital bed rentals. You'll need to look through your policy to determine the amount that is covered and under which conditions.

  • Benefits for veterans. Veterans Administration also covers medical equipment, such as hospital beds. 

You can even search online for more information about hospital bed rentals.