All About Latest Watch Strap Trends

Happy 2022! With the start of every new year—and in this case, a new decade—there are fresh trends on the horizon to know about. Naturally, as watch trends change, so do watch strap styles.

Here are four trends that are gaining popularity and are likely to be big in 2022.

Sharpened watch strap: For tapered bands, the difference between the width of the ear tip and the width of the buckle tip is usually 4mm.

This tapered line is not only more comfortable to wear than a straight strap, but it also looks a lot better suited to smaller watch cases. You can find the best men's watch straps via

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Watch strap with minimal stitching: Sometimes less is more and we've seen improvements to the strap with minimal stitching. A few small arrow stitches on the top and a few small stitches on the ear tips add the perfect accent to the leather surface without going overboard.

Antique leather strap: A retro leather strap with a beautiful patina features a retro watch that adds a touch of vibrancy to the atmosphere without having to wear an old strap. It's like throwing away a beloved leather jacket that has developed its character over time.

Suede strap: A softer, quieter leather alternative is the suede band. Ideal for outdoor watches or watches with retro dresses, the wide range of colors means you can choose the right color for you and your watch.