Anti Anxiety Medication For Dogs

Contrary to popular belief, mental health issues affect dogs just as much as humans. Conditions like separation anxiety and anxiety disorders can be reasons enough why our beloved pets need to take dog anti-anxiety medication.

Most veterinarians prefer to treat the problem without the use of medication, believing that medication should only be a last resort. However, there are cases where medication may be prescribed for dogs. You can also search online for more information about medication for pets.

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Stress and anxiety have become the number one reason veterinarians prescribe anti-anxiety medications for our pets. This occurs in dogs who are very dependent on their loved ones and are often separated from their owners. Therefore, they feel very restless when left alone. This can lead to unwanted and destructive behavior in pets. Some of the most common medications for dogs are:

• Clomipramine – this anti-anxiety drug for dogs is also suitable for humans. It works by controlling the amount of the hormone serotonin in the dog's brain, as antidepressants do in people battling depression.

• Fluoxetine – This is a dog medication that is often prescribed for dogs suffering from separation anxiety. Also called Prozac, it works very much like clomipramine. However, this drug has several serious side effects, including an increase in aggressive behavior.

Finally, sedatives can be used as anti-anxiety medications for dogs.