Characteristics of LED light strips

LED light strips or bands have become one of the most popular LED products on the market. Not only do they replace the glow strips, but also some of the fluorescent tubes, and offer endless possibilities for signs and decorations in bars, hotels also, at other public areas. With the rapid development of LED technology, they are now also available in very bright versions, so that the user can use them as a task or, in exceptional cases, even as the main light source. 


LED light strips are available in two main versions; Color-changing RGB lights and single-color lighting. Like standard LED lamps, cold white and warm white. 


LED strips are generally used to create hidden or subtle lighting as they are concealable and will fit in almost any tight space that no other accessory will fit. One such example is wall-mounted lighting under kitchen cabinetry.  This technique increases both the work output and the visual attractiveness. They are also perfect as a complement to furniture and stairs. 


Shockproof and waterproof IP-certified coatings also make the light strips well suited for use in outdoor areas, bathrooms, and other places that require lighting but can be exposed to moisture. 

These are the High-quality, affordable lighting that goes well beyond the standard lighting options in the market.

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