Choosing The Best Marquee Hire For Your Event

There are many types of tents, of which aluminum frames marquee are the most common today. This type of tent is most preferred because its smart design allows the greatest flexibility in the use of space. You can also look for the best marquee rental in the UK through various websites.

Since there are no struts in the center of the tent, the frame marquee allows you to organize your event without being constrained by the internal vertical poles.

Traditional pole marquee

Most traditional pole marquees are made of canvas that is held under tension with support rods and straps. The rope is then attached to soft ground. This is very similar to pitching a camping tent to the ground but on a much larger scale. This requirement for the marquee must be fixed to the ground to maintain its stability is one of the main limitations of the pole.

Since poles marquees in large gardens cannot be installed on hard ground, sand, or gravel surfaces, their use is only possible to a certain extent. 

Aluminum frame sign

The modern frame marquee allows it to be positioned in the parking lot, on the beach, and even on the barge deck. Because they rely on a rigid aluminum frame to hold the tent structure together, they can easily be placed on hard or soft surfaces. And have the added advantage of not having struts to interfere with your choice of event layout in the tent.

Thanks to this flexibility, frame marquees can be installed over garden ponds,  pools, trees and shrubs, and flower beds. This allows for a more visually engaging and interactive event area.