Explore Colorful Palccoyo Rainbow Mountains

Rainbow Mountain in Palccoyo, which is also known as Vinicunca is so stunning Although Machu Picchu is the most well-known tourist attraction, experiencing the vibrant mountains of Peru was, without doubt, the most enjoyable experience.

But, climbing a rainbow mountain in Peru was the most memorable part of the tour and it certainly stole the spotlight from the city that was never discovered by the Incas. Many tourists are comes to see the rainbow mountains from different countries. You can do the advance booking of Palccoyo rainbow mountain tours at www.andeansouladventure.com/palccoyo-rainbow-mountain-tour-full-day/ so that you can enjoy the tour without any tension of the last movement of booking.

Changes in weather conditions that are constantly changing and high altitudes can be difficult for those who have experience. If done correctly, it’s doable for people who do not hike as much. In particular, since they’ve constructed new trails and infrastructure around it.

Rainbow Mountain Cusco, also called Vinicunca, 7 Color Mountain, or Montana de Siete Colores, is located in the cloud tops at 5200m above sea level. To put it in perspective it’s not too far from Everest Base Camp. Take into consideration prior to taking part in the Rainbow Mountain Tour that 5,200 meters above sea level aren’t a joke. The Vinicunca hike is ideal for physically strong and healthy people.