Find Salon Booth Rentals

Salon booth rental is also called salon chair rental. It works in the same way as renting an office in an apartment building or selling your goods at an art festival. Although salon guidelines can differ from one location to the next, the general idea is that the stylist rents an office chair at a salon and then conducts their specialty from the booth.

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Each chair's booth rent will be determined by the salon booth rental agreement. Booth rent is typically charged at a percentage of the stylist's income, as a flat monthly rate or a combination of both.

It is difficult to find out the average cost of renting a chair at a hair salon. Salon chair rentals are usually between $150-$400 per month.

The salon booth rental agreement should outline in detail the responsibilities of each booth renter. The agreement should outline the duties of the renter. However, it also lists the responsibilities that the owner of a small business typically has to handle, such as:


  • Operation Business

  • Bookkeeping and tax accounting

  • Proper insurance coverage

  • All licenses required by the state, municipality, or city

The state where you are operating will determine whether you require a business license to rent a booth. Even if you don't need one in your state, it can make it more likely that the IRS will find you are an employee at the salon and not an independent contractor. This could impact how you file your taxes.