Homes & Businesses Investing in Water Tanks

There are three basic reasons why we should be practice rain water harvesting. The first reason is if we collect as much natural rainwater as we can to take the pressure of the infrastructure provided by the Council and have access to your own rainwater supply, particularly in times of shortage or bushfires.

The rain water from our roofs can be directed into water tanks and we can use this rainwater for irrigation, and many other 'grey water' purposes such as cleaning or flushing toilets.

The second reason is to reduce costs for water for you. Once the initial set up costs are covered, the rainwater you harvest is free and this will reduce your bills. You can also check various sedimentation water tank design onine.

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The third reason is you can purchase a sustainable stainless steel water tank from Select Water Tanks. Stainless steel tanks are long lasting (30-year steel warranty), they do not contain any contaminants like plastics and the rainwater is being recycled and they support an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The rainfall pattern area indicates that there is a great deal of rain to harvest. For example, approximately 170mm falls in each month for six months of the year and over 40mm for each of the remaining six months. Rain usually occurs in over 15 days every month throughout the year.

Once you decide to harvest the water from your roof, you then need to decide what shape water tank suits your property best. Round tanks tend to hold a good volume of rainwater but need a fair amount of space.