How to Choose Thomas O’Brien Lighting for Your Home?

Thomas O'Brien

Choosing the light for your home as you begin the process of renovating your old home or adorning your new place can be a super tricky and confusing task. It is important to add the perfect Thomas O’Brien lighting to your home for the perfect look. However, the probability of making mistakes in choosing the lighting for your home is high; you have to take some things into consideration, such as the color of your walls, natural light available, and the mood that you want to set in various areas. There are some basic points to keep in your mind when you are choosing out the light for your home:-

  1. Kind:

There are three basic kinds of lights, task, ambient, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting help to provide general lighting to your space, simply to light it up. Accent lights are used to provide variation and mood to lighting. You can also use it to light up your artwork and create a peaceful ambience for your bedroom area and living room. Task lightings are used for particular tasks and purposes like bathroom, study light, and dressing room.

There are various kinds of tubes and light bulbs are available in the market; the main ones are CFL, incandescent, LED, and halogen. Moreover, incandescent bulbs are redundant because of their short life and high energy consumption. They have come at a lesser cost than the other lights. Halogen lights and CFL are improvements on incandescent, and they are long-lasting and more energy efficient. You can get these types of bulbs at a reasonable cost.

  1. Light Temperature:

Lights are available in the market according to the color that they emit. The most common choices are cool white, warm white, yellow, and daylight. In addition, warm white is suitable for general lighting, and it emits a slightly less bright white color. On the contrary, cool white emits white light in your place and is ideal for task lighting. However, they are not perfect for the general living rooms. Daylights are between the cool and warm white; they are suitable for task lightings like bathrooms, kitchens, ambient lighting, and dressing rooms. Yellow light is a warm emission of color, and they are perfect for leisure areas such as the living room.

  1. Room / Area:

If you think about which type of lighting is perfect for which area. Adjustable lights are perfect for your reading, bedroom, and entertainment room. Adjustable lighting can switch from daylight to warm yellow and white. You can also use mood light which is a variation of accent lighting and suitable for the room installed beside your bed in lamps and in the ceiling.

  1. Aesthetics and Decor:

Lights form a necessary part of décor, and they serve as the décor. Some of the examples of your decorating lighting are chandeliers, pendant lights, floor and table lamps, and recessed lights. Pendant lights are kind of suspended and hanging lights. They are great for your kitchen table top, for your dining room, and the corners of your rooms, especially when you use them in the clutter.

In Conclude:

These are the pro tips that help you in finding the TOB by Thomas O’Brien lighting for your home.