How to Design Boys Room Accessories

When you're designing a boys' room, there are many accessories to consider, including storage solutions, desks, and play areas. Younger boys will need a toy chest and easy-to-access storage. Older boys may need a desk to work on their homework. A desk can help them feel more grown up while letting them be more creative in the space. This article will help you get started. You'll soon see how easy it is to make your boy's room unique.


A great way to personalize a boy’s room is to incorporate a mural. Murals of fighter planes and children sharing pizza have a classic appeal that kids love. Choose one that matches the room colors and theme. You can even customize the mural's design to fit a smaller space. Here are a few suggestions for mural designs. Let your imagination run wild with murals! A boys room mural should be fun, educational, and fun!

When choosing a mural for your child's room, consider his or her favorite cartoon character. If he loves football, choose a mural featuring football players. This will create a focus in the room and will help your son to develop his creative side. Murals are great for boys' rooms because they're easy to change as your child's interests grow. They also create a fun environment in which to play.


Shelves for boys room accessories can be a great way to create a fun and stylish space. You can also use everyday objects to create unique storage solutions. For example, fruit crates can be used to create shelves by nailing them together horizontally or vertically. Then you can paint the crates any color you wish. You can even paint them to match the other accessories in the room. If you have a boy, they might even like a fruit crate wall art.

Before you begin styling your shelves, make sure that you have removed all of the books from the shelves. Once you've done this, you can donate the books that no longer serve their purpose. Keep in mind that kids' interests change frequently. Taking the time to clean and arrange the shelves is important because it will allow you to keep them looking good for years to come. Aside from books, other accessories can be placed on the shelves, including toys and games.


One of the most important pieces of furniture in a child's bedroom is a desk. While a girl may want a desk with lots of storage, a boy needs one with a small amount of space. For this reason, you should invest in a desk that is adjustable to your child's height. It also needs to have sufficient storage space for books, stationery, and more. This article will give you some ideas on how to choose a desk for a boy's room.

If your child is only three years old, a modern, slim desk is the perfect fit for his room. Available in charcoal or white, this desk is under three feet wide and two feet deep and features ample storage space. It also features cutouts for cord management. A desk for boys' room should be sturdy and stylish to match the rest of the decor of the room. It should also come with a hutch for extra storage.

Storage options

If your child's room is small, consider adding storage options. Multifunctional furniture can offer desk space and hidden storage. A painted panel with floating shelves can create a small desk area. Magnets are a great way to store metal items safely. If you don't want to add a desk, consider installing floating shelves to store books, toys, and keepsakes. And don't forget to add some drawers for storage!

To make the most of space in your closet, remove the dresser. Clear plastic containers can be used for low closet storage. Not only are these containers inexpensive, but they also allow easy access. Bamboo baskets can be used for blanket storage. You can also use wooden baskets to store extra blankets and towels. You can also get storage for other items such as toys and clothes. But make sure to choose a storage option that fits your child's style.

Crates as shelving

If you want to save money and still use crates as shelving, you can buy old spice racks at IKEA and paint them bright colors to make a fun bookshelf for your boy's room. You can stack them up or lay them flat near the floor to create an authentic shelving space. The best part is that you can find them for $4 each! Just remember to screw them into studs to avoid them falling.

Another way to save money on shelving for boys' rooms is to use old fruit crates. A full tire is expensive and not suitable for this use, but you can find a half-tire at a thrift store. It offers plenty of deep shelf space, so you can put larger items on it. It is also ideal for storing clothes and off-season toys. However, make sure to buy a large flat metal washer to ensure stability.