How to Find a Gift Idea For Any Occasion? – The Process of Giving

Giving one person to another is different from other exchanges. The giving process is first and foremost in social intergration. The act of giving is only one part of what can be a very complex process. This process is much more complex than buying for personal or family consumption. We say that giving is a complex process that begins with the very selection of gifts and the completion of building relationships.

There are many pitfalls in this process. The wrong choice of gifts can be misinterpreted, and this can all result in a relationship breakdown instead of building a relationship, between the one who giving and the one who receives the gift. You can also read the strategist gift guide at

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The ideal situation is that the giver is emotionally rewarded because the gift is well received by the recipient. But this is often not the case in practice.

What do we expect from giving?

A gift involves choosing and buying something for someone without expecting direct compensation, but with the expectation of a refund. This return can take the form of a change in the recipient's relationship, service, social or psychological benefits. The gift has a great symbolic meaning.

It is an invitation to the partner to deepen the relationship, but also an expression of the social relationship between people. A gift can also be given in anticipation of a return gift or benefit from a gift. The motives for giving can be different but they could be grouped into two groups. Altruistic and agonistic.