How to Prevent Moving Problems When Hiring a Moving Company

We have all heard horror stories when it comes to moving. You may have heard of exorbitant fees, damaged furniture, and even vans full of personal belongings that were taken hostage by an unscrupulous moving company. Sure, these things can happen.

But you can make it next to impossible for it to happen to you if you take several precautionary measures before hiring your moving company. Hiring a professional and honest moving company will take a lot of stress and virtually all of the physical work out of your move. So your first task is to find an honest company. To get professional moving services from the best experts Contact us today.

Take notes on the ones you want to contact and the ones you want to avoid. After getting a handful of referrals, go online or go to the yellow pages and look for at least five or six other moving companies in your area.

Then call each of the companies and write down their answers to the following questions:

1. What are your prices? Do you charge by the mile, by the time, or both? Do you charge extra fees for certain furniture or appliances like refrigerators or pianos?

2. Does your company offer insurance? Is there a deductible and if there is, what is it? Are there any conditions that could affect your compensation if your things are damaged or lost?

By the way, if they don't offer insurance, remove them from your list.

3. How experienced do your engines have? How many years of experience does the mover have that will move your belongings? Has each of them completed a recent criminal background check? Are they all linkable?

4. Do you have a complaint process? How do you handle disputes?

Have each of the companies provide five professional references from recent clients who have moved and at least one from a client who moved a minimum of three years ago. You'll want the reference above because if a mover issued or reported to BBB, many of them just change their name and reopen their doors. So if they are unwilling to give you this information, don't hire them.