Learn The Facts Behind Stainless Steel

Just start, I will show you some common facts about stainless steel(which is also known as “ประตูน้ำสแตนเลส” In the Thai language). In the world of metallurgy, it is better known as iron inox or, much simpler, inox originating from the word French “inxydable”. Strangely, stainless is not 100% resistant to stains, although it is true that stainless is much more resistant to rust and corrosion than ordinary metal.

The significant difference between stainless steel and average steel is the chromium level. When steel is not protected, it will rust when charged air or moisture. The rust multiplies corrosion, causing more rusty. Stainless has a film made of Chromium Oxide which will prevent the corrosion of the spot from digging the inside of a metal object.

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Grade of Stainless Steel

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This type of metal is a popular material for many different uses with almost no maintenance and prevention of stains and corrosion. A small number of examples for stainless steel will be sheets, rods, cutlery, medical equipment, cables, tubes, and even construction components in large buildings.

Transportation vehicles are almost always made with steel due to lack of corrosion and even antibacterial components. Stainless is often the material used for the manufacture of lavatory partitions and even bathroom accessories. Another use for stainless is in a variety of firearms which are fully produced with stainless steel such as Smith and Wesson Model 60 other than that, Colt M1911. Most public kitchens are created with this steel so that they can easily end with steam cleaning and not demanding the finishes of other places.

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