Project Home Builders Vs Acreage Builders

Acreage builders are companies that build one-of-a-kind homes, which are specifically designed for acreage living. As a result of this they are generally flexible with floor plans, adaptable to changes and you can bring your plans if they’ve previously been drawn up for you.

This is due to the nature of acreage building and the fact that these homes are built for your lifestyle and to complement the beautiful landscape and surroundings. To get more details about the acreage home builder you may check it here.

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Acreage home builders usually also take on a smaller number of projects per year and provide a much more tailored service, you as the client receive a more personalized process, clear communication, plus the materials and finishes are of exceptional and in our case, unmatched value and quality.

A volume builder, or a project home builder on the other hand, builds from a range of existing set house designs, with limited personalisation options.

Volume builders typically mass build many houses per year, sometimes into the thousands, and also offer a range of set house & land packages with little customisation.

The plans they build from are perfectly functional homes, however some clients already have an idea of what they like and you’re unlikely to find a plan that matches what you want exactly.

Volume builders can often be a cheaper option if you’re happy with their set designs, but any changes can come with a price, as well as any delays those changes may cause to the planning process.

In general terms, the level of inclusions in their builds are also of less quality as a result of their main business model which is built around volume.