Reasons Professional Matchmakers Are a Better Choice

“He’s perfect!” One of your friends snaps, pointing to a grainy photo on the¬† computer, “I met him online!” Online matchmaking services work, there’s no denying it. However, you are not sure. Professional matchmaking offers the same services as these other sites, but you are dealing with a professional instead of dealing with a computer.

A trained man knows what he’s doing.¬†Meeting people online is a relatively new concept. However, professional matchmakers have been around for centuries. The matchmaker’s goal is to help a person find a partner who will be useful to them and their family. Although the goals are different, with an emphasis on love, the basic principle remains the same.

Like online matchmaking services, matchmakers match people based on compatibility. You go through a list of things you want in someone, what they want in someone, and put them together. You can get more information about professional matchmakers through

Statistics show that only one percent of people who use online matchmaking services end up in a working relationship. On the other hand, professional matchmakers have a much higher success rate. For this reason, even though they are more expensive than most online matchmaking services, a professional matchmaker is a smart choice. Why?

Everyone is looking for love. Including those who already have it. Matchmaking professionals check their clients’ history to ensure they’re not married. Online matchmaking services have no way of ensuring if someone is not married.

Online matchmaking services might be able to screen for some criminal history, but professional matchmakers are much more thorough. Not only do they check for jail time, but they check for arrests. They even check for bankruptcies. This is great for people with kids who are hesitant to start dating someone they don’t know about. Or even someone who is being mature about dating.

Those forms for online matchmaking services take forever to fill out. You don’t always know how to answer. How much information is too much? What’s not enough? Professional matchmakers meet with you one on one. You sit and talk to them, they get a feel for who you are and what you like. And they don’t just meet with you one time. After every date they’ll sit and discuss it with you, to find out what worked and what didn’t. With an online service, you just cross the person off your profile.