Reasons To Choose A Lift Service Contract

Imagine yourself in an elevator steady as you climb to the top of a tall building, only to be shocked when you notice something is wrong! You hear a series of metallic cries and then it begins to roar back to the bottom of the shaft.

What is a Lift Service Contract?

It is a contract between a servicing company and a landlord or apartment management company. Crane & lifting services makes sure that a building's lifts are properly maintained, up to safety standards, and properly installed.

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What Services are Included with a Lift Service Contract?

1. Repairs – for faulty and broken lifts

2. Installation – ensuring new lifts are fitted properly

3. Design services – making sure new lifts are suitable for the building in question

4. Renovations – to rejuvenate lifts that still function well

5. Fire sealing and fireproofing – to meet safety regulations and protect passengers

6. Removal services – for old lifts that need replacing

The top servicing companies also allow you to choose a bespoke service so all your elevation-related concerns can be addressed. 

Some people choose to contact lift servicing firms as and when they need them but with a service contract, regular safety checks are guaranteed – and when it comes to lifts and problems therein, prevention is the best medicine.