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What Is Stranded Inventory And How To Fix It

With Amazon’s monthly inventory cleanup right around the corner, what better time to talk about stranded inventory? Amazon FBA sellers put so much work into making their business lean, that the ones who can fix stranded inventory quickly are right up there with the very best. 

Every now and then, a product ends up in a fulfillment center with no way of leaving. Amazon calls it “stranded inventory”. 

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stranded inventory

So, let’s talk about how inventory ends up being stranded in the first place, and what you can do to fix this.

Unfulfillable vs. Stranded Inventory

There’s some confusion among Amazon FBA sellers as to what constitutes unfulfillable inventory and what Amazon means by “stranded” inventory. The major difference between the two is the status of the listing. Here’s how to tell them apart.

It’s called unfulfillable inventory because – even though the offer is active – the product can’t be shipped (as it is). Inventory usually becomes unfulfillable because it is damaged, misplaced, or some components are lost in storage or in transit.

But you can also have unfulfillable inventory due to listing errors, poor labeling, or shipment discrepancies. Either way, you are billed after each mid-month inventory cleanup, until you fix the problem. If you’re new to Amazon, watch the video below to see why these tiny issues are so costly.

Stranded inventory is the opposite. The units are stored at the fulfillment center, but the listing is missing, incomplete, or inactive. And even though the product can’t be sold, Amazon continues to store it and charge you for the service.