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Unconventional Uses For Your Premium Beard Oil

Quality beard oil can be an amazing, versatile product that does much more than enhance your beard. Below are our  favorite unconventional uses for your premium beard oil.

1. Overnight Beard Mask

What it is: A beard mask is an intensive treatment for dry and damaged beards. 

How-to: Using your beard oil as a beard mask is super easy.

-Shower before bedtime and pat your beard dry

-Apply at least double the amount of beard oil you’d typically use

-Rinse out with cool water upon waking in the morning

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2. Pre-Shave Oil

What it is: As the name implies, pre-shave oil is used before applying shaving cream/shaving. 

Why should you use a pre-shave oil?

-Pre-shave oils provide protection against razor burn

-Pre-shave oils soften your stubble resulting in a smoother, more comfortable shave

-Pre-shave help “lift” the whiskers thereby promoting a closer shave

-Pre-shave oils moisturize your skin. Your face will feel soft and smooth after shaving

Can any beard oil be used as a pre-shave oil? Nope. Not all oils are created equal. Cheaper beard oils tend to clog your pores (and razor) when applied directly to the skin. Additionally, these oils can contain synthetic ingredients and fragrances that do not promote a smooth, close shave. 

How-to: Using your Premium Beard Oil as a pre-shave oil is as simple as one, two, three shaves.

-Shower or rinse your face with warm water to open up your pores and towel dry

-Dispense a few pumps of beard oil into your hand, rub together and massage into the area to be shaved

-Apply shaving cream on top

-Shave as usual