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International Car Transport: An Overview

Many international road transport services offer solutions for transporting vehicles to individuals all over the world. These companies specialize in reliable and efficient service with frequent exits from major ports.

One of the basic options for overseas car shipping is shipping in an ocean container. This container can be delivered to your home and you can load the car yourself. You can also deliver your personal belongings to your car.

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For many destinations worldwide, container service is the only option available. Remember that putting the car in a container is not easy and it is advisable to use a professional. Marine containers are on the frame about one meter above ground level, there are no platforms, lift doors, or ramps.

The car must be secured, locked, and supported in the case. If you do not pack the ocean container yourself, your car can be shipped to the warehouse of the international land transport company, where it is loaded into the ocean container.

Also, you can often only take out damage insurance if the container is professionally packed. On the plus side, they are only a fraction of your total shipping costs.

Note that you need to hire a car company to bring the car from home to the international car company warehouse. After the containers are loaded and shipped to a port in the United States, they will be transferred to the ship bound for your port.