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Things About Anti-Myelin Basic Protein Antibody

There are many suppliers of anti-Myelin basic proteins antibodies. This protein is encoded in the human gene MBP. This protein is also known as myelin A1. There are six known isoforms of the protein, with 33.1 kDa being the expected mass. Variants of this antigen could also be found in canine, porcine and monkey species.

Basic protein myelin or MBP is a protein considered to be crucial in the process of myelination of nerves. A multi-layered membrane that is unique to the nervous systems, which acts as an insulator to increase velocity. MBP preserves myelin's correct structure and interacts with the lipids in the myelin membrane. You can buy top quality anti-myelin basic protein antibody kit via Boster bio.

After isolation from bovine myelin membranes, MBP was first sequenced in 1971. Later, MBP knockout mice known as shiverer mice were developed and characterized during the 1980s. Shiverer mice have decreased CNS myelination, a progressive disorder that causes tremors, seizures and early death. MBP is a human gene located on chromosome 18.

The protein localizes to both the CNS as well as various cells in the hematopoietic branch. There are many splice variants of MBP found in the central nervous systems. Additionally, there are many post-translational modifications to the protein such as methylation and deamidation. 

The presence or absence of short peptides at different locations within the sequence can make these forms distinct. MITF may regulate MBP gene expression in melanocytic cells. MBP (myelin basic proteins) is a protein that plays a role in myelination in the central nervous systems (CNS). MBP is responsible for maintaining the correct structure and function of myelin by interfacing with the lipids within the myelin membrane.