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Know About Green Organic Loose Tea

Scientists believe green tea has a greater ability to fight cancer than they thought. State researchers have discovered that the chemicals in green tea reduce one of the main molecules responsible for tobacco's spread of cancer. 

Green tea is popular because of its anti-cancer properties and other claims such as reducing cholesterol and preventing rheumatoid disease. Scientists know that green tea contains chemicals such as anti-oxidants, and can satiate harmful molecules. If you want to buy organic green tea, then you can browse the web.

Organic green tea

A study was done to determine the effects of chemicals in green tea on a molecule called aryl-hydrocarbon (AH receptor) which is a molecule responsible for activating harmful genes. Dioxin and tobacco smoke control the molecule, which is the preferred target of toxic substances that cause mayhem in the body.

The 2 components, Epigallocatechingallate (EGCG) as well as Epigallocatechin (EGC) are nearest relatives to further flavonoids present in red wine, grapes, cabbage, and broccoli that are learned to assist in preventing cancer.

Scientists believe that the anti-cancer properties of tea may be due to the fact that they act in different ways. The chemicals block the AH receptor in the cancerous mouse cells. Early results indicate that the same thing happens in human cells.

The presence of AH inhibitors in the tea was evident when EGCG and EGC were detected at levels that are not found in green tea. Scientists believe that green tea's metabolism is crucial to its effectiveness. The lab results do not translate directly to the table.

In various studies, green tea extracts were shown to be safe against cancer. These judgments are based on animal researches as well as epidemiological research that tracks the incidence of disease in large populations.

Ahmad Green Tea’s Ability to Slow Growth of Cancer Cells

Green tea is gaining attention because of research findings that show it can help prevent and treat cancer. Many studies have shown that Ahmad green tea can slow down the growth of cancerous cells and act as an anti-cancer agent. Because they neutralize free radicals that are created in the body's conversion of food to energy, antioxidants are crucial to our health. 

Ahmad green chais anti-oxidants EGCG and others have been proven to be effective in slowing the growth of cancer cells. Green tea was found to prevent breast cancer spreading in patients with the disease. One study found that patients with breast cancer who consumed green tea had a lower chance of having the disease recur. 

Ahmad green tea is thought to be a scavenger against a substance known as Reactive Oxygen Species. ROS is a type of free radical that can cause damage to prostate cells and contributes to the development of prostate cancer. The antioxidants in green tea can eliminate these free radicals, which prevents them from forming cancer cells.

Lung cancer prevention has been proven to be possible with Ahmad green tea. Apoptosis is a process that causes the death of abnormal cells in the lungs. Apoptosis refers to the process of cell death. Apoptosis, which is the process of killing unneeded or damaged cells, is good for cell death.