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Signs That Your Hoist Needs Maintenance

Patient lifting hoists are among the numerous ways that those who live with disabilities go around. These hoists are particularly popular with group homes and client homes since most of them are mobile and are simple to use.

But just like our mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, our lifting hoists need to be maintained regularly to ensure that they're running easily and optimally. You can buy patient lift sling online via https://www.lisclare.com/slings/.

Hoists that are not regularly maintained can suddenly break down causing distress for customers.

As an alternative, you can use drawsheets by positioning the sheet below the individual being lifted so that his whole lower body and lower to mid back are on the sheet. Then grab one side of the draw sheet as close to the individual's body as possible.

It's quite important to have at least two individuals when utilizing drawsheets as another person should catch onto the other side of the drawsheet; count to three and then lift the patient off the bed and up towards the surface.

Then, position the patient correctly to keep them from slipping down the bed. Start by lifting the individual on the bed so the head reaches the top, then flip the individual into the side and use a cushion to set the draw sheet in the individual's back. Additionally, place another pillow between the individual's knees and another to correct up her arms.

Hopefully, this will provide you some thought on how to properly lift somebody to not harm yourself or the individual. However Dynamic Mobility stocks a broad assortment of not just manual handling things but also individual lifting hoists and roof hoists which are more than able of helping you with lifting sufferers.