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The Difference Between Summer Asphalt And Winter Asphalt

You're probably clicking on this article and asking yourself, "Are there two different types of asphalt?" The answer to this question is: Yes, there is! Each type of bitumen is used at different times of the year and has different functions. Seasonal asphalt does not necessarily mean that there are big differences between the two. They just need a different temperature to be as effective as possible. Even though these types of bitumen look the same, they have different carrier systems that prevent natural or chemical damage to the rock.

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Summer asphalt is usually used from April (or mid-spring) to mid-December when winter arrives. The asphalt of this type is used for paving large areas, including roads, alleys, or parking lots. The mixture is usually heated to around 79.5 degrees Celsius and can reach 163 degrees Celsius. This asphalt is known as "hot asphalt". This asphalt mixture can only be applied directly to hot surfaces. For example, if you need to repair asphalt or concrete pavements in your parking lot, use this mixture on a hot summer's day.

Winter asphalt is usually used for smaller jobs. This is because asphalt usually dries more slowly when applied to colder surfaces in colder weather. Winter asphalt is typically used from January to March and doesn't require heating if you want to fix minor stains.

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