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Using Waste Oil to Heat Your Facility – Beat High Fuel Costs This Winter

While producing almost "free" heat, waste oil heaters or boilers can also be used to recycle oil. You can even get tax incentives from some states to heat your facility using waste oil heaters or boilers. The boilers and heaters that heat oil from waste are usually fueled with either used motor oil, vegetable oil, or used transmission fluid.

A surplus of oil is generated by restaurants, fast lubes, manufacturing facilities, and auto repair shops. It can be difficult to dispose of used oil. Installing a boiler or heater for oil waste can help you tap into this huge surplus. You can also consider hiring services for waste oil collection at https://benzoil.com.au/.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is it really possible to heat oil with waste oil? Only if you can self-generate enough used oil. However, used oil heaters still require electricity to run the fan. The cost of running a similarly clean fuel oil heater is approximately 1/60th. If you don't have enough oil to go around, most states have used oil suppliers. 

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Where can You get waste oil? You cannot safely dump used oil into the ground, landfills, or waterways. For proper disposal, commercial entities that produce used oil often pay a recycler. You can either buy used oil directly from the producer or purchase it from a recycler. Restaurants, automotive repair shops, fast lubricants, and factories that use hydraulic machinery are the most popular producers of used oil.

Is there any concern for the environment when you burn waste oil? Modern boilers and waste oil heaters don't emit odors. Make sure your used heater or boiler meets all EPA standards before you buy it.