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Pre-Engineered Buildings – Components and Benefits

Pre-engineered steel buildings are modern technology where the full design is carried out in factories and building components brought to the site on the CKD (completely knocked down conditions) and then repaired/put together on the site and raised with the help of cranes

A pre-engineered building that is designed efficiently can be lighter than conventional steel buildings up to 30%. Lighter weight equates to less steel and potential price savings in the structural framework. You can discover more about pre-engineered structural steel framing components via https://quickframes.com/engineering/ 

In this article, we will discuss the components of pre-engineered steel buildings over conventional buildings.

Major Components of Pre-Engineered Steel Building

The major components of the PESB are divided into 4 types-

1. Primary Components

Primary components of the PESB consists of mainframe, column, and rafters-


2. Secondary Component

Purlins, Grits, and Eave struts are secondary structural members used as support to walls and roof panels.

3. Sheeting or Cladding

The sheets used in the construction of pre-engineered buildings are Base metal of either Galvalume coated steel conforming to ASTM A 792 M grade 345B or aluminum conforming to ASTM B 209M which is cold-rolled steel, high tensile 550 MPA yield stress, with hot dip metallic coating of Galvalume sheet.

4. Accessories

Non-structural parts of the buildings such as bolts, turbo ventilators, skylights, lovers, doors and windows, roof curbs, and fasteners make the accessories components of the pre-engineered steel building.