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Consider Using a Structural Engineer For Foundation Inspection

It's hardly ever a bad idea to seek out advice especially on a project with the expense of concrete foundation repair. In most cases, you can hire a professional structural engineer to inspect your foundation and recommend a method of repair that's best for your situation. And remember, every repair issue is different.

You should look for a professional licensed individual or engineering firm that provides a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your home for foundation and related issues. Inspection of the crawlspace, if you have a pier and beam home. Hiring a structural engineer is highly recommended for property inspection.

A foundation elevation survey is to be performed and evaluated by a licensed professional engineer. There are special tools available that can measure deviations in the level of the foundation or slab. 

Then a drawing of the home floor plan including site information and interior foundation elevation measurements can be produced. Finally, an engineer's written report with recommendations and a repair plan if needed. 

The advice should be way less biased simply because the engineer is going to get paid whether you need foundation repair or not. So, always look for a reliable and experienced structural engineer for proper inspection.

Remember the importance of choosing an engineer with no financial ties to a repair contractor.