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How to Start the Website Creation Process?

Many business owners are so eager to get a new site launched that when they meet with their web designer they immediately want to see some design options and want to increase traffic to the site, increase engagement by viewers, and increase sales. 

They believe that the content can be easily “filled in” later and will be successful because of the new design. For more information about the website creation process, you can explore this link https://kozlodigital.com/wheaton-web-design.

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We believe, however, that taking the time to create content first is the right way to develop a winning website. Strong content will usually lead you to the right design.

What is website content?

Website content describes your products and services, your business, and always emphasizes the customer. Content includes knowing how the website will be organized and how a user will navigate around it. 

Content is focused on a clear call to action. Every page on your website should have a clear goal or next step for your visitor. 

Great content will help drive traffic to your website before any user sees the design. Good website design is built around the content and supports your content and your calls to action.

What is website design?

Website design is an umbrella term that includes layout, product placement, color, forms, ease of use, clickable items, consistency, sitemap, security, eCommerce capability, search engine optimization, and other items. 

An effective design will keep visitors on your site, draw them to your calls to action, and promise repeat future visits.