The Different Types of Dog Leashes

First, there are two main types of leashes – chain leashes and retractable leashes. Chain leashes are the most common type, and they're made from a single length of chain that's attached to a collar or harness. When you need to use the leash, you pull it tight, which pulls the chain and the dog along together.

Retractable leashes come in different lengths, and when you pull on them, they automatically retract into their housing. They're good for dogs that tend to get out of control, but they can be less controllable than chain leashes. There are also harnesses that work with either type of leash. You can check out this website to find various types of durable dog leashes for your furry friend. 

A harness has straps that go around your dog's chest and back, and it attaches to the collar or harness. This way, you have more control over your dog than you would with a traditional collar alone. And if you want to take your dog outside without using a leash at all, there are petit leash products that let your dog walk behind you without being pulled.

Whether you have a strong dog or a gentle one, there's an appropriate leash for him or her. And whether you're using a chain leash or a standard leash, you'll find the right one for your dog in this section.