Things to Avoid When Looking for Vacation Homes

Beware of renters. False listings for vacation homes are becoming more popular. Scammers are now proficient in hacking legitimate databases of real estate and even writing real lease agreements. 

Here are some common tricks and traps used by scammers to defraud victims of vacation homes:

Too Good to be True. If the rental for a vacation home looks too appealing for its own good, then you may be the next victim. If the price is cheaper than similar listings or the features seem to be too extravagant for the amount then you could be in for to be scammed.

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Bait and Switch. Scammers are known to share glamorous pictures of vacation homes as well as their surroundings. The pictures show huge rooms, modern kitchens, extravagant spas and pools, and well-groomed landscaping that is adorned with trees and beautiful streets. 

Therefore, always inquire about the exact address and house number. Then, utilize tools like Google Maps to find actual photographs of the house and surrounding area.

Double Book scam. Scammers are known to double-book properties and then take the person who has arrived at the end of the day to a backup that is second-rate and apologize for the mistake.