What are the Types of Data Annotation?

There are different types of  Data Annotation: Text Annotation, Intent Annotation, Audio Annotation

Text Annotation

The most frequently used data type is text according to the 2020 Condition of AI and Machine Learning report, 70 percent of organizations rely on text. Text annotations incorporate a vast selection of annotations like opinion, purpose, and question.

Sentiment Annotation

This investigation assesses emotions, attitudes, and remarks, which makes it crucial that you have the ideal training information. You can also learn more about different types of annotation from https://oasisoutsourcing.co.ke/ 

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To acquire that information, human annotators tend to be leveraged since they may appraise moderate and sentiment content on all platforms, such as social websites and eCommerce websites, having the capability to tag and report on keywords that are sensitive, sensitive, or neologistic, such as.

Intent Annotation

As individuals converse with human-machine computers, computers have to have the ability to comprehend both natural language and user intention. 

Multi-intent information collection and categorization can distinguish intent into key categories such as to request, control, reserving, recommendation, and verification. 

Semantic Annotation

Semantic annotation both enriches product listings and guarantees clients can find the products they're searching for. These assists turn browsers into buyers.

By tagging the many elements within product names and search questions, semantic annotation providers assist educate your algorithm to recognize these individual components and enhance overall search value.

Audio Annotation

Audio annotation is your transcription and time-stamping of language information, for example, transcription of particular pronunciation and intonation, together with the identification of speech, dialect, and speaker demographics.