What Is The Tampa Cigar Factory?

The Tampa Cigar Factory is a cigar factory that invites guests to come in and watch the step-by-step process of how cigars are made from start to finish.

What Is The Tampa Cigar Factory?

The Tampa cigar factory is a historic cigar factory in the Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa, Florida. The factory was founded in 1886 by Vicente Martinez Ybor, and it operated until 1931. The building is now home to the Ybor City Museum State Park.

How Does A Tampa Cigar Factory Work?

Tampa cigar factories have been a staple in the city's economy for centuries. These factories produce some of the finest cigars in the world. But how do they work?

Cigar factories in Tampa started with the tobacco plant. The tobacco is then harvested and brought to the factory where it is sorted and graded. The leaves are then stripped and chopped before being sent to the roller.

The roller is a skilled worker who hand-rolls each cigar. This process can take up to two hours per cigar. Once rolled, the cigars are placed in cedar cases and left to age.

After aging, the cigars are inspected, banded, and shipped out to retailers around the world. Tampa cigar factories produce some of the best cigars in the world. If you're ever in the city, be sure to check one out!