Why Does Self-Publishing Matter?

How has Self-Publishing changed?

A few years ago self-publishing was a thing that was associated with vanity presses. Authors could pay for their books printed and then manage the majority of the marketing for the books themselves. Some authors had very good reasons to publish themselves then, just as they do now. But this practice was still associated, in many people's minds, with lower quality work that could not find a traditional publisher.


Today, book self publishing has become an extremely well-known and popular alternative to looking for traditional publishers. Many famous authors, who were previously able to publish through a traditional publisher began to publish their own books. Others haven't been accepted by a major publishing company however, they are gaining traction by promoting their books and managing the other elements of the business.

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There are numerous reasons behind this many of which are connected with the rising popularity of e-readers as well as digital books.

Why do so many authors decide to self-publish their work today?

I could go through a myriad of reasons why authors choose to self-publishing now. One of the most important reasons is that it's extremely simple and affordable to accomplish. Major publishing companies make it easy for authors to upload work to the system. The process is free for authors and in reality authors can begin selling their books quickly.

The uploading of books to be distributed on e-readers has become extremely well-known. However, modern technology makes printing on demand easier to accomplish. Authors do not need to shell out thousands of copies printed all at a time, but rather print each book as the order is placed!